American Movers Launches Special Moving Services

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Moving and storage specialist American Movers launches its specialized relocation-relevant services offered to the greater areas of New York and New Jersey. Standing as a certified innovator and leader in relocation and storage for almost a century, American Movers continues to provide revolutionary services not only in house moving but in corporate and business relocations as well, all in the form of its specialized services.


Senior citizens who need utter care and assistance in relocation can now avail American Mover’s senior citizen moving service for hassle-free transfer within the states or to retirement havens. The company encourages families that need to relocate sensitive items such as piano, pool table, antique furniture and art collections to avail of its special moving service to ensure the highest security and safety for all possessions. Businesses that also need to move expensive and sensitive equipment, such as laboratory equipment, factory machineries and installations, and books and library items are also guaranteed with the most professional service from American Mover’s team of highly trained officers and transportation staffs. Museums, antiquing enthusiasts and professional collectors are certain to receive the most appropriate service they need.


Among all the moving companies NYC, American Movers is the only service provider that also specializes in mobile storage and junk removal. With its mobile storage, families and businesses no longer need to arrange multiple services and instead, have a mobile storage container directly pick up the items for storage and then have it delivered right away when already needed in the new location. This service saves more time and money compared to the need to rent a storage room and arrange pick up and transfer separately.


Not many professional moversalso provide junk removal for full warehouses, garages, basements, attics and old apartments. This service allows families and businesses to dispose unwanted possessions without the hassle of cleaning up the mess.

Communication is an essential tool for the globe-trotting individuals of today. Entrepreneurs need to be up-to-date with the latest global trends. However, there is a barrier when it comes to making international calls and updating oneself with what is happening around the world – cost. Worry no more! WorldSIM provides the solution for expensive international calls. Affordable packages are made available and accessible to all who wish to “go global, pay local.” Established in the year 2006, WorldSIM is the provider of international sim card that lets one save up to 85% on phone bills when travelling abroad. 

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The WorldSIM travel sim card comes with a UK mobile number that can be used worldwide while USA numbers can be availed of when the users are based in the USA. WorldSIM travel sim card can be used in every unlocked cellphone and smartphone. However, this sim card is not compatible with the iPhone 5. WorldSIM travel sim card does not collect hidden charges because it is a prepaid sim card where users only pay for the calls and text that they have consumed.

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About WorldSIM

Established in 2006 in London, WorldSIM aims to eliminate the costly international phone calls and hidden charges that come with it by providing free international incoming calls and affordable international outgoing calls in many destinations around the world.


UK: +44 (0) 20 8819 2557

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On April 15, 2013, IMGlobal unveiled its VIP Beta Pre-launch in which more than a hundred entrepreneurs participated to learn about the marketing system and community that IMGlobal has to offer. VIP members that witnessed the unfolding of IMGlobal’s products include Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe, and New Zealand.

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About IMGlobal Platform and Community

Established in the year 2010 by Joel Putland, IMGlobal Platform and Community provides its members who trabajo desde casa with essential marketing tools and technologies to ensure an increase in sales and profit for their negocios por internet, online and offline.




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