Scranton, PA – When hiring a cleaning service, do the clients get what they paid for? With Office Pros Cleaning, clients are ensured that they only get unparalleled Office Cleaning Scranton, Janitorial Services Scranton, and Carpet Cleaning Scranton. Office Pros Cleaning Janitorial Services Scranton prides itself on qualified cleaners who receive higher wages than the other janitorial service industry counterparts. Through this incentive, cleaners are motivated to work and provide the clients with the cleanliness that they truly deserve and if they are not satisfied, they get their money back.  

Office Cleaning Scranton ranges from general cleaning, Janitorial Services Scranton, Carpet Cleaning Scranton, floor care, floor stripping or waxing, tile and grout cleaning, as well as disinfection and sanitation. Carpet Cleaning Scranton is necessary because carpets do not only acquire dusts and dirt but also germs and bacteria. To keep the air inside the offices clean and free from dusts, Office Pros offers three types of carpet cleaning: steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and very low moisture encapsulation cleaning.

Office Pros’ Janitorial Services Scranton also offers cleaning proposals that can be customized according to the clients’ needs and preferences. Clients may choose from dusting and cleaning to detail cleaning to cleaning and sanitizing the areas. Office Pros also offers arranging the furniture and reporting of damages to the clients if they so require.

Clients show their appreciation for Office Pros by leaving testimonials on its website. One satisfied client attested: "Office Pros are just so professional and they do excellent work. My office has never looked better." Pictures and videos of Office Pros’ work on offices are also documented on their website. Offices with stained floors were transformed into their original white and clean appearance. Office Pros puts “spic and span” to greater heights with the services that it offers and most importantly, the result that it produces.

About Office Pros Cleaning

Established in 2008 by Don Keating, Office Pros Cleaning is North East Pennsylvania premier commercial cleaning service provider. It aims to promote and improve work environment through quality cleaning services.


Don Keating – President and Owner

Telephone Number: 570-309-0897


The inflation rate has continuously increased throughout the years, without any signs of improvement. As each day passes, the US dollar continues to be devalued. Citizens must think of a way on how to preserve their wealth to prepare for the coming years. It does not help that the cost of living has been increasing every year. The dollar’s value is not at the hands of the citizens. It is in the government’s hands. How then do the hardworking individuals ensure that their hard work will provide them with the life that they deserve? Simple – switch to gold investment.

Gold investment is a sure shot in preserving one’s wealth. The value of gold does not diminish, its limited availability helps in maintaining its worth. Each citizen must prepare for his or her IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and what better way than to avail of IRA services. Gold IRA Investing Guide tells how to invest in gold.  Gold IRA Investing Guide jumpstarts one’s IRA by providing a free gold investment kit created by Regal Assets. Regal Assets is considered as the Best Gold IRA Company and has been providing IRA services for over 25 years.

Regal Assets provides IRA services that guide an individual on how to invest in gold. The IRA services provided for by Regal Assets are the transferring and rollover of existing IRA to gold investment. Transferring of IRA occurs when the account is transferred from one custodian to another. Rollover of IRA is done when the individual receives the distribution from his or her existing IRA and then deposits it to another retirement plan account. These are the two easy ways on how to invest in gold and ensure that what an individual has worked for in his life will never go to waste.   

The gold investment and IRA services offered by Regal Assets are authorized by the government. Regal Assets allows the investor to buy gold coins and bars that suit his or her retirement needs. When an investor reaches the age of 59, he or she will receive the physical delivery of the gold metals that he or she has invested in. Truly, with gold investment, an investor gets the luxurious life that he or she deserves.  

About Gold IRA Investing Guide

Gold IRA Investing Guide gives expert advice on how to invest in gold by choosing the best IRA services in gold investment.



Who says that a diaper bag need not be fashionable? Surely not Bellisima. This chic and trendy baby boutique provides its customers with designer diaper bag and baby bag that suit the lifestyle of modern parents. Established in 2011 by Sabrina Priest, is an online designer diaper bag shop catering to parents who want to mix “fashionality” and functionality. Priest defines “fashionality” as an expression of an individual’s personality through fashion. True to its slogan “their stuff, your style,” Bellisima offers a wide array of designer diaper bags – a total of sixteen designers to choose from, all of which offer durable, functional, and trendy products. is the brainchild of Sabrina Priest, a mother of three kids. When Priest’s eldest son was diagnosed both with Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder, she decided to quit her job and focus on her kids. However, Priest’s entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and the rest, as they say, is history. Priest herself is a fashionable woman. As a mother, she thought of incorporating style and functionality by providing moms and dads with diaper bags that do not only function as such, but also as a fashion statement. Now, a diaper bag need not look like one anymore. It may be in a form of a backpack, a purse, a satchel – even a camera bag. does not only offer fashionable bags. The products’ unparalleled functionality and durability are also evident. Materials used in making the bags include man-made leather and are stroller-strap compatible. Each baby bag may function as a bottle holder for baby while acting as credit card and key holders for mom and dad. Each diaper bag has different compartments that are both useful for baby’s accessories and mom’s cosmetics. Truly, is not just an ordinary baby boutique. It is a boutique that caters not just to the babies, but to fashionable moms and dads alike. Bellisima adds to the excitement of parenthood in the form of funky, stylish, and durable diaper baby bags.

About Bellisima Baby Bags, an online designer diaper bag boutique, was established in the year 2011 by Sabrina Priest. The designer labels being sold by Bellisima include: Amy Butler, Amy Michelle, Baby Mel, Baby Sherpa, BAYA, Chic o Bello, Diaper Dude, JP Lizzy, Kalencom, Kelly Moore, NESS, NEST, Bumble Collection, Devyn, Timi and Leslie, and Warm Milk Diaper Bags. 


Sabrina Priest

Phone: +1 800-357-2138