Hisrad.org, a website created by a non-profit organization, has recently been opened to help people who have problems related to their hair. The website aims to disseminate information regarding hair as well as vitamins that will help in treating hair problems.

Hisrad.org currently has 10 articles that deal with several aspects of hair including its problems and treatments. The articles also talk about hair growth vitamins and the reason behind their effectiveness in treating baldness. It is worth mentioning that the vitamins for hair growth that the website talks about are the macromolecules that are present inside the body and not the vitamins that are bought in stores. This alone means that the website aims to provide information rather than advertise a product.

Aside from hair growth, the website also provides several information on how to get healthy hair. The information that can be seen in the website include tips, regimens, and methods that should be done consistently to maintain the healthiness of the hair.  The website also gives information regarding hair loss and other common hair problems. Alongside these information are treatments and methods that will aid a person that is having the specific hair problem.

There are also articles that talk about curly and straight hair. These ideas mainly go about methods on maintaining the curliness or straightness of the hair. The articles also give methods on styling for each hair type as well as methods that would help people attain their opposite hair type.

Hisrad.org was founded in July 2013 by a non-profit organization. Although the non-profit organization is yet to reveal its name, it can be inferred from the content of the website that the organization is an advocate of healthy hair. The creators of the website may be contacted by filling up the information sheet in the “Contact Us” tab on the website.