Nothing beats earning money with trabajo desde casa. The ever-growing business-minded individuals of today have resorted to negocios por internet. The convenience offered by trabajo desde casa is preferred by many as compared to working away from home which requires more resources than a stable internet connection and online marketing strategies. It is in the marketing strategy that IMGlobal comes in the picture. Founded in the year 2010 by Joel Putland, IMGlobal is the companion of individuals who trabajar desde casa. IMGlobal provides its members with the training, technology, and tools in launching their online brands or in improving the sales and profits generated by an already-established online brand.

IMGlobal’s vision “to empower 1 billion people with the tools, technology, and training to succeed online and grow any business,” it provides a community of entrepreneurs who work hand in hand in marketing the members’ negocios por internet. IMGlobal prides itself on its 100% profit share method wherein the members will not only work to enhance their own online brands but will also help in improving others’ because they all have a share in the profit that IMGlobal generates. IMGlobal eyes the collective success of the community; hence, each member has the chance to be a shareholder, a director, or even a co-founder.

On April 15, 2013, IMGlobal unveiled its VIP Beta Pre-launch in which more than a hundred entrepreneurs participated to learn about the marketing system and community that IMGlobal has to offer. VIP members that witnessed the unfolding of IMGlobal’s products include Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe, and New Zealand.

Individuals who trabajar desde casa through their negocios por internet may avail of IMGlobal’s 30-day Marketing Challenge to try the products and promising results that IMGlobal offers its members. In this trial package, members get to experience IMGlobal’s essential marketing tools and technology worth $ 1,000 – all for free. The package includes Authority Blog and Network; Ultimate Personal Branding Suite, Multilingual Global Platform; Video Email Suite; Social Media Synchronization Suite; Auto responder Suite; Sales Page Creator; Capture Page Creator and Done for You Library; Fan Page Creator and Done for You Library; Opt in form Creator; Banner Creator and Done for You Library; Contact Manager, Communication and Tracking Suite; Push Button Marketing Domination Packages; 2.0 Marketing Dashboard and Tracking; Digital Training Vault; SMS broadcast and Auto responder Suite; Share Content Suite; and Lead Rotators and COOP Suite.  


About IMGlobal Platform and Community

Established in the year 2010 by Joel Putland, IMGlobal Platform and Community provides its members who trabajo desde casa with essential marketing tools and technologies to ensure an increase in sales and profit for their negocios por internet, online and offline.




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