Funny Fur Announces Big Store Sale

posted on 01 Oct 2013 17:38 by narjeet in home

Funny Fur, an online boutique of luxurious pet apparels and dog grooming equipment and accessories, announces its on-going promo of discounted dog essentials and premium pet items of up to 75%. Pet owners can find fashionable and high-quality dog must-haves at only half their regular prices.


Dozens of discount pet supplies like dog accessories, apparels, puppy carriers, grooming and caring kits, harnesses and collars, dog toys, dog treats and meals, furniture and other costumes are currently being sold through Funny Fur’s online store at very low prices. Luxurious designer dog clothes on sale can also be found in the website, with bestselling brands like Paris Erotica, Little Lily, Louisdog, Juicy Couture and many more, as the top choices.


Aside from the fabulous finds at lowered prices, Funny Fur also announces its new items and designs that are perfect for strolling and everyday use. New arrivals include plush apparels like rock hoodies, go wild pants, sugar bows, boo dresses, coco jackets, lovely day collars and leashes and hundreds more, all from high-end pet brands. Designer treats like macaroons, pupcakes, cake bites and bon bons are also sold at low introductory prices.


Owners who are planning to adopt or get a pet can also start by completing comfort sets, such as pet clutch bags and relax beds. For the best fashion statement, your pet will never go wrong with pet ID tags adorned with elegant Swarovski crystals.


Funny Fur has been providing luxury puppy clothes and essentials since 2006 and has since become a favorite pet shop online by the rich and famous. Most notable of its works are seen in the Hollywood hit movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Pet owners are invited to make a purchase now as all discounted items are only sold with limited stocks. Free shipping will be given to all purchases.

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