Bisnis Tiket Pesawat is a new trend in Bisnis Online that promises sales and profit with minimal capital required. provides guidelines for a successful Bisnis Tiket Pesawat and a new Peluang Bisnis. Online Bisnis Tiket Pesawat is more preferred than an offline ticket sales agent because one only needs a computer, an internet connection, and a capital of Rp. 150,000. According to, no matter how competitive the airline industry is, tourism is continually growing hence the need for Bisnis Tiket Pesawat. This entails higher profits for ticket sellers, especially the online airline ticket sellers because only a small amount of capital was used by the latter and ticket sales commission is assured if one joins

Aside from Bisnis Tiket Pesawat, another Peluang Bisnis offered by includes joining the PT Arminareka Prime. The PT Arminareka Prime specializes in Hajj and Umrah travel Bisnis Online.  One only has to pay Rp. 3,500,000 as a lifetime membership fee. The target markets of PT Arminareka Prime are the Muslim Brothers who wish to experience praying and travelling to the holy land of Mecca. Another way of ensuring sales commission is by recruiting a total of eight members. PT Arminareka Prime promises a high return if one consistently makes the most out of this Peluang Bisnis.

Lastly, Bisnis Online offers another Peluang Bisnis through the multi-level network system prides itself as the Best Online Peluang Bisnis in Indonesia. It aims to provide the best opportunities for Indonesians by taking advantage of the Four Mega World Trend such as: 1) Simple Home-Based Business; 2) The Power of Networks; 3) The Power of Internet; and 4) The Power of Social Media Online. By paying a one-time fee of Rp. 200,000, each member is entitled to’s Digital Product Package. The Digital Product Package includes an audiobook containing motivational speakers from Indonesia as well as e-books on business of selling. Testimonies of members are available on

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