Samsung Electronics Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S3

posted on 30 Sep 2013 14:41 by narjeet in business

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy S3. The announcement started a great buzz among the smartphone fans and generated a lot of upbeat Samsung galaxy s3 reviews. This is the latest of the South Korean company’s human and nature inspired mobile phone product line.

The various impressive smartphone features have spawned ecstatic galaxy s3 review blog and news items. The device comes with a powerful 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display that gives the user crystal clear views of their device’s software. The phone also boasts an 8MP camera together with a 1.9MP front camera to take crisp pictures. Its smart camera features and facial recognition software assures the user that they will always take the best pictures. The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs through the innovative Android™ 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" which greatly improves its user-friendliness.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 also offers the "S Voice", a powerful language user interface that can make your device respond to spoken commands. This feature provides the user with the freedom to play with various commands. For example, the user can turn off the alarm by simply telling the phone to "snooze" rather than fiddle with clunky controls. The S Voice can also be used for other activities such as finding songs to play, sending text messages and e-mails and organizing your daily schedule.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a multinational electronics company that is based in South Korea. Samsung Electronics is one of the biggest names in field of telecommunications through their mobile phones and smartphones lines as evidenced by positive samsung galaxy s review trends. They are also one of the leaders in the Android tablet market with their Samsung Galaxy Tab product line. The company is also building up their phablet line through their flagship Samsung Galaxy Note devices.