Get to Know the Kindle Family Through Kindle Fire Specs

posted on 30 Sep 2013 12:23 by narjeet in business

Kindle Fire Specs discussed the different types of kindle and their use. It featured the oldest up to the most recent addition to the family of kindles.

Kindle Fire HD, Amazon’s latest addition to its kindle family had brought various excitements to kindle lovers. It is the youngest yet the most popular among the kindle family.

Amazon has quite developed a lot of gadgets which caught the heart of gadgets enthusiasts. This would make choosing the right kindle for you a very difficult task. The good thing is, the whole kindle family was brought together in a single webpage for users to easily compare kindles and discover what suits them best.

Other than kindles, Kindle Fire HD would also be compared to another eBook reader which was produced by Barnes and Noble; the Nook HD. So, what would you choose between Nook HD vs Kindle Fire HD? This would actually depend on the specifications you are looking into a tablet or an eBook reader. This is the reason why Kindle Fire Specs had created a zone for kindle lovers to highlight this gadget’s features, reviews, and price.

How do they differ? Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD was mainly built to bring the whole Google Play ecosystem making Google Chrome its primary web browser; while, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD was mainly built to highlight Amazon’s powerhouse ecosystem. It is an exclusive device for Amazon making it more favorable for Amazon Prime members.

Kindle Fire Specs is the best place to go to know more about Kindle Fire and the rest of the kindle family.

What is Kindle Fire Specs? Kindle Fire Specs is a third party affiliate of Amazon authorized to advertise Amazon’s product. They only advertize the products, but they do not sell them. Kindle Fire Specs has legal rights to introduce Amazon’s collection of the kindle family. An added benefit they provide the viewers is the information they give out about the specifications and features of these kindle products.