California Foot Clinic Unveils New Services

posted on 30 Sep 2013 15:15 by narjeet in business

For those suffering from foot problems like hammertoes, Los Angeles-based podiatric surgery clinic California Foot & Ankle Surgery has unveiled a host of new services that will surely fit many foot patients’ needs. The clinic has also recently released some important guidelines for those recovering from foot and ankle surgery.

One of the new services that the clinic has begun to offer is treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome. Restless Leg Syndrome is a condition where the sufferer often feels a sudden urge to move their legs. The disorder is often attributed to certain conditions in the patient’s nervous system. While there is still no definitive treatment to totally eliminate RLS, California Foot & Ankle Surgery explained that their method is design to help patients lessen the effect of the disorder on their daily routines. The therapy consists of simple exercises designed to condition the patient’s legs and lessen the onset of the involuntary urges.

Ankle problems are another area that California Foot & Ankle Surgery said it has tasked its team of podiatrists. Los Angeles residents, the clinic said, are some of the people who are most commonly afflicted with ankle problems, as they often have long distances to travel on foot. The clinic said that they have expanded their services to cover all common ankle disorders, including ankle fractures, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and recurring ankle pain. They also added that the clinic now employs a more advanced form of ankle arthroscopy for better diagnosis.

Aside from ankle disorders, California Foot & Ankle Surgery also said that they now offer extensive treatment for various foot diseases such as toenail fungus. Los Angeles residents will now be able to afford better medications for the ailments, as well getting a complete check up once they appear for consultation in the clinic.

Aside from LA, California Food $ Ankle Surgery also operates clinics in several locations around the state, Artesia, Beverly Hills, and Pasadena.