Apple Inc. Introduces the Macbook Pro with Retina Display

posted on 30 Sep 2013 17:11 by narjeet in business

Apple Computer Inc. has recently introduced their MacBook Pro with Retina display. The new macbook pro has sent waves of excitement on both Apple enthusiasts and notebook fans. Everybody is looking for a cheap macbook pro even as the product hits the market. Other customers simply study its specifications online at some macbook pro retina review posts.

The new MacBook Pro is specifically designed with mobility and performance in mind. It features the Retina display, powerful quad-core processors and an all flash storage. All of these features are stored in a sleek and light frame that only measures 0.71 inches and set the scales at 4.46 pounds.

The MacBook Pro boasts the innovative Retina display which contains 5 million pixels. Retina display even outperforms the average HD television by a whopping 3 million pixels. This superb resolution provides crystal clear graphics that are essential for both video and gaming entertainment. The innovative MacBook Pro also uses the IPS technology that provides a 178 viewing angle to viewers. Apple constantly improves its products so this new notebook boasts 75% less reflection and a 29% stronger contrast compared to older models.

The MacBook Pro comes in a sleek aluminium unibody casing that makes it the lightest model yet. It even rivals the MacBook Air when it comes to slickness which makes it perfect for working on the move. MacBook Pro's flash storage capabilities is years ahead of traditional notebooks in speed. In fact, the new product can play four uncompressed 1080p HD video without any issues.

Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the computer industry. They produce Macs for their personal computers line and also provide software through OS X, iLife, and iWork. Apple Inc. also has a presence in the mobile communications industry through the iPhone, the iPad and the App Store.