Sitegap Offers Ready-Made Websites for Sale

posted on 28 Sep 2013 12:40 by narjeet in business

Sitegap is a company that offers websites for sale. They prominently feature their websites that they label as ‘turnkey’. The company can be visited online in their

Basically, Sitegap presents potential clients with a ready-made website for sale and will arrange for the hosting depending on the client’s preferences.

The company takes pride of their work through three main aspects. They are the company’s portfolio, hosting services, and information. The company states these three on their homepage as to why choosing to transact with them would be beneficial for a client.

Sitegap claims to have an impressive portfolio. A client can view the company’s current collection of websites for sale. There are many categories including computers and technology, art and entertainment, beauty and fashion, education, online business, health and fitness, environment, finance, and many more. They have a page dedicated for the viewing of the different websites where a user can browse and preview websites. The company is confident that any client can find one that will fit their niche and its specific needs.

The websites they offer have pre-written articles and built-in income generating functions. For some, it can be considered as an online business for sale. They claim that the sites are good to go after adding hosting.

The company labels their hosting as first-class. If a client already has a server to use, Sitegap will install the site to the server. Otherwise, Sitegap has its own hosting service dedicated to websites bought from them. The server can host unlimited Sitegap websites and the client is provided with a control panel that is claimed to be user-friendly. Features include 99.9% uptime, unlimited storage space, and no bandwidth restrictions.

The company also gives advice through their site’s blog. This section provides users with tips and information for the maintenance of a site bought from them.