Joel Putland Blogs about Home Based Business Ideas

posted on 28 Sep 2013 14:20 by narjeet in business

Joel Putland is a multi-level marketing (MLM) consultant who practices his trade online. His site presents his making money onlinementoring work for interested individuals through blog posts.

He operates his blog from home with its primary function of teaching people about home based business ideas. Aside from that, he also delves into the topic of living a healthy lifestyle.

While he mentors on general online business, he specializes in the use of MLM lead generationfor web marketing. MLM is a business model where a network of people acts as a distribution mechanism for products and services. It is considered by some as the most effective distribution method which has a sound basis since many fortunes are built through distribution networks. Examples are Bill Gates, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford.

As with other business forms and aspects, MLM changed with the advent of the internet. Joel Putland mainly presents the use of the internet in MLM. He believes the internet has changed the MLM landscape and there is a need to adapt if one wants to succeed.

His mentoring service is meant to help an individual utilize MLM lead generation strategies for a successful home based business. His consultancy specialties and services include topics on commission payment systems, MLM payplans, MLM software, logistic systems, marketing systems and tools, product registration, company registration, leadership recruiting, lead generation, growth and expansion strategies, and general business MLM consulting.

Joel Putland also strongly believes in the importance of health in financial success. That’s why he also prominently features health guides in his blog posts, mainly about food and diet. For him, health is a person’s single most important asset as it cannot be replaced and no amount of money can bring it back.He believes financial success would not be as fruitful if a person will have to spend it on medication so he emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle.