Chapter 1 Magazine is a provider of the first chapter of a selection of classic novels, both fiction and non-fiction. It also includes the chapter one of classic short stories and poetry. The selection is composed of works of acclaimed authors of their time. Ch 1 has a site entitled Chapter 1: Journal for Classicsophiles.

The primary function for the company’s specialization is to give a solution for readers who want to delve into classic literature but are weary about the read being too hard; or has qualms about spending on a book that they may not enjoy, especially when classic works can get expensive.Chapter 1 Mag believes thatletting a reader take a look at the chapter one of a literary work helps that reader to assess whether a certain literary work will be pleasant to his or her taste. Then, the reader can decide more easily if the literary work is worth the investment of both leisure time and hard-earned money.

Ch 1 Mag claims to put dedication into providing the best selection of classic literary work so that readers looking to immerse themselves in the realm of classic literature can have a good place to start with. The approach the company believes is that a literary work’s first chapter is a good way for a reader to get a preview of what the work is about as well as the style of writing. This makes for a good preliminary analysis of a work in order for the reader to get a good grasp of it. The objective is for readers to focus on works that they will actually like instead of buying something that might not be fitting for their specific interests.

Chapter 1 Mag also features some insight on authors by featuring commentaries on the blog section of the site.