More and more people these days are channelling their attention to alternative lifestyle practices and medical healing methods as a means of finding a cure to what ails them. Whether it is a physical illness or emotional troubles, the rise of spiritual healing applications, such as Reiki, show its effectiveness as a viable method for healing. A great new company called Grounded Monkey offers very effective Reiki healing in San Antonio for those wanting to experience the amazing and almost immediate healing benefits.


If you're asking “What is Reiki?” you'll be glad to know it is growing more and more popular as a means to mitigate what ails you. Originally a Japanese method of spiritual healing, reiki has been adopted by many people, particularly those from the West, as a way of combatting the negative effects brought by stress, illness, toxins and also toxic environments.  It is based on the idea that there is an invisible "life force energy" that is believed to be coursing over the body.  This energy influences the state of life such that having a low life force energy makes a person vulnerable to stress and prone to acquiring illnesses. On the contrary, having a high life force energy provides a person with greater chances of living a more satisfying and healthy life. Reiki is shown to raise the life force energy.


What is stress and how does it effect us? The fast-paced lifestyle that people today experience as they live in a post-industrial environment is also seen as a cause of physical and emotional stress. Unwanted stress happens when the body is unable to cope with the challenges brought about by one's immediate surroundings. When subjected to stress, people tend to be more irritable and tired, leaving them in a poor state. Being stressed out drains a person emotionally, causing a strain on his relationship with other people and brings about an imbalance in his personal affairs. It also makes him much more susceptible to diseases and infections.


At Grounded Monkey, Frank & Becky Detrick offer a unique approach to your health and wellness that addresses the stress that we are subjected to in our daily lives. As a husband and wife team, they are able to provide clients with multiple healing modalities and products to help in dealing with the pressures of life and to promote an acceleration of the healing process, beginning with Reiki and energy healing.


Frank is an instructor of several energy therapies and is an approved CNE and CE provider. He was recently heard to say, "Relax and just allow. If you are the client, relax and allow the healing to go where it needs to. As an energy practitioner, relaxing and just allowing will increase your intuitive abilities and improve your channel for healing."


Becky has created Energy Yoga, combining energy healing techniques of Reiki with traditional yoga exercises that allow the student to destress, stretch, as well as reduce their own pain during the class. Here's what she has to say about the energy healing benefits of reiki for children: "Being energy healing practitioners has given us, as parents, more peace of mind. When our toddler, Nathan, fell or tripped as all little ones do when learning to walk, we were able to help him heal his bumps and bruises in record time, as well as quickly take away the pain."


It’s time for people to draw inspiration from nature and unleash their inner spirituality and the natural healing capacity of the body. Alternative practices like Reiki might just be the answer to the stressful and unhealthy lives people live today, and Grounded Monkey offers compassionate and effective energy healing.


Meet others interested in natural healing and learn more about natural healing with free and inexpensive classes, join their Meetup group--San Antonio Alternative Healing


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