Decoding Spirituality was created for people who want to explore and develop their own Spirituality.  The website aims to impart valuable facts and information that can help people to understand the many different and complex areas of spiritually including lucid dreaming, meditation, motivation, purpose, consciousness and awareness, goals and goal setting, healing modalities and hypnosis.  All the information contained in the website is offered with no charge to the general online public.


One of the most commonly discussed topics about spirituality is astral projection.  This practice helps people appreciate the fact that humans are more than their physical body and that within us all lives a consciousness that survives even after death.  But anyone who wants to explore this practice should understand the possible astral projection dangers that may be encountered when they pursue it without proper knowledge and guidance. 


Before attempting to try any out of the body experience, one should be very diligent in learning how to astral travel safely.  You need to learn how to guard both your physical body and your consciousness from other entities that may attack you during this vulnerable state.  You should also study how to raise your vibrations to a higher frequency.  When you are well-prepared, the experience will not only be pleasurable and informative but harmless, as well.


Another topic on spirituality discussed in the website is lucid dreaming which is a state where a person asleep is pretty conscious of the reality that he or she is dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is a good methodology to expand a person’s consciousness beyond his or her experiences while fully awake.  The website describes in detail the steps that will facilitate lucid dreaming each night.  The steps aim to help practitioners avoid beginner lucid dreaming mistakes that can make the experience unpleasant.


If you want to learn more about the different ways on how you can develop your spiritual life, please feel free to visit the Decoding Spirituality website.