IMGlobal’s Top Marketing Mentor Invites Network Members

posted on 03 Sep 2013 14:09 by narjeet in business

As part of IMGlobal’s pre-launch campaign, its top marketing mentor is now inviting members who are looking for trabajo desde casa to form a network that is guaranteed to bring in lucrative income while working right at the comforts of their homes. RedKash 2000 initiates an affiliate marketing campaign for interested members to widen their networks and share an earning opportunity on all levels.


The idea of this endeavor called RedKash is for members to expand their networks through affiliate marketing and give members from all levels impressive earnings. To qualify for this network, a member should already have at least three users. This gives a member 33.3% chance of earning from each member while providing compounding earning as the network grows bigger.


This amazing opportunity to trabajar desde casa gives a member with earning capability down to the sixth level of his or her network. This means that the first level affiliates can do the work with nothing much to be done on his or her part. As the one on top at the first level, a member is guaranteed to receive shares from the earnings of the network (which is the same for all affiliates who will build their own networks under them).


As a top marketing mentor of IMGlobal, RedKash 2000 is dedicated to providing guaranteed helpful knowledge that can help master affiliate marketing and the internet business as a whole. The author’s expertise covers financial management, telecommuting and of course, affiliate marketing. He also teaches secrets to kick off online businesses with guaranteed success on the way. As a leader in the network, his goal is to provide beginners with no-nonsense tips and techniques that can get them somewhere higher in the earning ladder.


Members and interested parties can follow RedKash 2000 in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube, or visit his posts in IMGlobal to learn more about negocios por internet