Website Makes it Easy for Users to Compare Kindles

posted on 02 Sep 2013 17:34 by narjeet in internet

August 23, 2013 – With the growing number of Kindle products, users find eReader shopping a lot easier by visiting, a website dedicated to informing Kindle buyers about the best kind of eReader they should buy according to use.

Kindle was introduced to the market in 2007, but due to the growth of mobile industry and the changing user preferences when it comes to gadgets, this Amazon brand adapted by introducing different versions. As of this month, rumors about the release of Kindle Fire HD 2 later this year have already spread.

However, maintains that the latest version may not always be the best choice for every user. Users tend to compare kindles depending on their different preferences on price, versatility, performance, resolution, or battery life. The members of the growing Kindle family proves to be varying in their best features, and users should always seek reviews available to make sure that they are going to purchase the device that suits them best. The website offers an entire page dedicated to comparison of these devices, and even gives direct access to the Amazon store.

Buyers who prefer to compare kindles may also want to compare this eReader to other brands emerging in the market. A popular brand battle is the nook hd vs kindle fire hd, which is essentially a battle between ecosystems that these devices can use. Barnes and Nobles are offering their device to boast the entire Google Play and Chrome usability, but Kindle’s strength is the availability of millions of exclusive content, with some of them available for below $1 or even free.

To check out reviews and comparisons, or to purchase Kindle devices and accessories, one can log on at For more information about this website, you may contact the site administrators directly at the same address.