Reviewers Rave About The Awesome Macbook Pro Retina

posted on 02 Sep 2013 18:52 by narjeet in internet

Yes, the new Macbook Pro is out and the Mac user's universe is aching to try it out. This new Macbook is a very powerful device that you can use anywhere and anytime. It has a wide screen, powerful features and lightweight design. The Macbook Pro is available in 2 models. It has a 13 inch model and a much cooler 15 inch model. Both have a very strong processor, an internal DVD drive and a weight of around 5.6 pounds. The cheap Macbook Pro is also cost efficient since it is cheaper and more effective than its MacBook Air counterpart. The Price for this device ranges from $1,199 to about 1,799. There is also the $2,199 with the 15 inch Retina high end model. This model has more storage options and more memory.

            According to a famous Macbook Pro Retina review site, the processor found inside the device is a 13 inch 2.5 GHz dual core Intel processor. The device can store a Core i5 and a 2.9 GHz Intel core i7. Some of the storage options for the 11 or 15 inch 500 to 750 GB hard drive. This means that you can store all of your files without worrying about the storage. There is the more expensive model with can be configured to a 512GB SSD. The device runs on Intel HD Graphics 4000, and for those who want the 15 inch model, there is an additional Retina display that has 2880 by 1800 pixels.

The LED backlight and the standard type resolutions are available for all types of Pro models. You will really love the way it glows. Finally, this cheap Macbook has a multi touch panel that supports inertial scrolling, rotate, swipe, pinch, three and four finger swipe, the double tap and the drag capabilities. This means that you can practically move around it while you are playing some cool games or just controlling some apps. In order to make this device environmentally friendly, Apple has designed it to be BFR-free, PVC free and has an Energy Star 5.2 requirements. The device is equipped with a Mercury free LED backlit and standard resolutions which you will truly love.