Exclusive! MacBook air vs MacBook Pro

posted on 02 Sep 2013 18:27 by narjeet in internet

Truly, the MacBook air vs MacBook pro wars have always been legendary in the techno world. Both devices are great when it comes to luxury and performance, yet they actually differ on a lot of things. Most experts believe that choosing one of the biggest names in Macbook history should be based on both power and portability. The Macbook Air is truly a world renowned device. It is not only stylish but is is significantly light. It is a very easy notebook which can be carried around or slipped into a bag, rucksack or laptop pocket. It is around 1.7 cms thick and it has an astonishing 0.3 cm width. MacBook pros are also great. According to one famous Macbook air reviews site the retina display found with the nVidia GPU is truly amazing and it is great for graphics work and gaming.

            Between the two products, it really comes to whether the user wants a portable machine that he can carry anywhere or a little workhorse of a device that can fit bags and can be used between home and office. Macbook Air is truly smaller, cheaper and lighter yet it does not have a DVD drive and it has smaller storage capacity than a MacBook Pro. So, you will be able to easily carry it wherever you go. This means that you can burn your files with ease. The MacBook Pro is quite expensive yet it has a more powerful hardware and processor. MacBook Airs are also more expensive since it utilizes SSDs rather than HDD drives. The Air comes with a 13 inch screen model with a maximum weight of 2.96 lbs. Its normal price range is between $999 to about $1499. On the other hand, the Pro has 15 inch screens, a DVD drive and a maximum weight of around 5.6 lbs.

            Prices for the Pro start at $1,199 to $1,799 depending on model and screen size. According to another Macbook pro review site, the Macbook Air is suited for those who love portability while the Macpro is destined for those who are always busy, like video editors, office employees and website developers.