Play Batman Games Houses Largest Batman Game Collection

posted on 30 Aug 2013 12:53 by narjeet in internet

Batman is undoubtedly one of the most popular comic and film heroes of all time, dominating comic book, TV and cinema for more than 70 years already. In this generation, the caped crusader is no longer just a mainstay of those media but an interactive game in hundreds of different forms. Play Batman Game, a gaming site that houses endless choices of different Batman games, brings the caped crusader into life in ways gaming addicts and past time gamers of all ages will love.


The website showcases classic puzzle games with batman in the lead. Kids and adults will surely find jigsaw games and find-the-hidden-character games entertaining while classic arcade games like shooter and sniper games are also available. Rest assured that classic racing games also do not come short. For a younger audience, fancy simulations and one-of-a-kind dress-me-up games are recommended.


Mainstream gamers will also find vast reasons to try the website’s collections as more hardcore choices can be played online. Fight games with not just the caped crusader in the lead but other famous characters in the comics as well are aplenty. Who is the caped crusader without Joker, Cat Woman, Robin and other Justice League characters? In this gaming site, gamers will have lots of chances to mix and match different characters to their hearts’ content.


What’s more intriguing with Play BatmanGames is that it also has game parodies of more famous online games, like Batmanvs. Superman and Batmanvs. Zombines, parodies of Plants vs. Zombies. Gamers can also find the caped crusader in odd forms, like as a dog riding a scooter or as a basketball player.


The online gaming site showcases endless choices of different Batman games onlinebecause it accepts game submissions from game developers who want to share their expertise and playful imagination in making the caped crusader one interactive character.