Joel Putland, health, wealth, and lifestyle enthusiast and MLM lead generation expert, unveils techniques to making money online on his mentoring site. He offers exclusive webinars that cover the timeless fundamentals of MLM alongside the rapid-changing elements that cause major impact on global marketing trends. After having emerged successfully in marketing despite his fair share of the ups and downs in MLM businesses, his sure-fire methods will set anyone on the right track.

MLM Experience

Having lived most of his life in housing commissions and having been raised by a single parent, Putland grew up to be resourceful. He came up with his own home-based business ideas and began to profit from them by the age of 21. Because of his perseverance, years later, when he was 27, he was able to build a multi-million dollar company that earned him his first fortune. With him starting from scratch, he encourages people out there to follow his footsteps. From his story, it’s clear that all anyone needs is motivation along with one of the best MLM mentors to be as financially successful as he is.

Online Marketing Consultant Services

As Putland believes that offering a selection to clients is the better strategy, he extends his MLM expertise from web design and development to the field of brand and reputation management, keyword research, SEO, social media marketing, and video marketing. He actively engages in more fortes and is able to rake in leads and ultimately gain higher profit.

Health Is Wealth

Other than making money, Putland focuses on valuing his fitness. He is also a lifestyle coach who assists people to live a stress-free and healthy life. On his webinars, he will also tackle the importance of balancing one’s duties with work and personal affairs. Regardless of there being an urgent goal, the MLM mentor points out that the well-being must not be set aside.

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