Kairos Jewellery expands its market reach by offering more and newer collections of jewelries and timepieces from some of the most trusted brands. This jewelry and timepiece store is set to grow bigger in the following seasons, which is a great progress from its small independent operation in Brampton located in the country of Cumbria.


This must-visit store for fashionistas and jewelry collectors offer latest collections from revolutionary brands in the fashion industry, such as Chamilia, Bullets4Peace, Buddha to Buddha and Roberto Giannotti, among others.Kairos Jewellery also sells a wide array of male and female jewelry pieces, as well designs that will capture the fun and finesse of fashionistas of all ages.


What started as a smalltime family business in September 2010 has also grown to a one-stop shop for gifts, trendy fashion items and collections. Unlike traditional jewelry stores, Kairos Jewellery makes window shopping and buying easy by using an easy-access online shop where customers can simply add items to cart, pay and have them delivered to their homes or to their preferred recipients.


Trollbeads, a posh brand of precious stones that has been offering great collections for affordable prices since 1976, remains as the store’s bestselling brand. Some of its products include bracelets, locks, necklaces, charm beads and various season collections. Bullet4Peace, another hip and innovative brand, appeals to a younger market. Its bullet necklaces continue to grow larger in demand.


Chamilia beads, on the other hand, are sophisticated accessory pieces that utilize precious stones and luxury metals. Shoppers will get stunned by its huge collections of birthstones, enamels and crystals, murano glass, silver and a lot more.


For watch collectors, Kairos Jewellery currently has five internationally renowned brands that include Seiko, Cannibal, Michel Herbelin, Accurist and Charmed. Collectors and new buyers will both find the store a haven for beautiful timepieces as it also offers complete clock and watch repair services.


Other available brands that trendy shoppers will love include Candy Bling, Heartbreaker, Jo for girls and Silver Jewellery.