Magnum Fuel Rx Offers Way to Save Fuel Consumption

posted on 28 Aug 2013 18:54 by narjeet in business

As fuel products continue to rise in price in the world market while the environment continues to sustain damages by collecting wastes and pollutants which primarily cause global warming, Magnum Fuel Rx provides a lasting solution to fast and inefficient fuel consumption of vehicles. This innovative technology transforms luxury and average vehicles into 40 mpg cars with double the mileage capacity.


This module that has adhesive back attaches to the bottom part of a fuel tank to change and enhance the molecular structure of different types of car fuel. In regular fuel consumption, not all fuels are burned as some are left wasted and deposited in the catalytic converter then down to the exhaust pipe. This practically makes you pay for fuel that you do not totally consume.


Magnum Fuel Rx uses radio-frequency waves directed to the fuel to enable its complete burning in the cylinder; thus, giving cars more capacity to travel longer distances at less fuel. Because fuel burning capacity is enhanced tremendously, gas emission is also reduced significantly.


Magnum Fuel Rx guarantees zero carbon foot print, big savings on fuel expenses and increased fuel efficiency.As part of its money-back guarantee, buyers are also given a 45-day free trial to see its amazing benefits and the actual changes it can make. For an installment period of six months, every purchase is also given a 45-day free trial, which means buyers are only obliged to start paying after the 45th day should they find the product satisfying.


Through Magnum Fuel Rx’s website, interested individuals can make a clear estimate of their expected improvement in mileage and fuel consumption via its super fuel calculator. By just filling out information like their current reading, previous reading, gallon of fuel filled and the mileage, they can see how far their regular consumption can bring them, all just by using Magnum Fuel Rx.