Bath Salts Drug Info Launches Drug Awareness Campaign

posted on 28 Aug 2013 18:06 by narjeet in business

As bath salts for saleare becoming too prevalent with its distribution not only covering wide ground market but reaching the online trade as well, Bath Salts Drug Info launches a drug awareness campaign through its blog that is dedicated to collecting all necessary information for the unsuspecting public to know more about these illegal drugs. The blog aims to spread awareness to people about this commonly mistaken regular bath salt which is actually an illegal drug that is composed of various banned chemicals.


The bath salt trend that started in the US and spread to the farther continents of Asia and Africa are easily sold online and underground without causing much attention from the authorities because of its highly deceiving form. Sold and marketed as a real bath salt, it is easily passed on from distributors to dealer to buyers, which is very alarming even at an early stage. This is despite Federal authority’s intense crackdown against the makers and distributors of the drug.


There is really no easy way of telling the illegal drugs from the genuine bath salts apart until they are tested, effects have already sunk in or a real clandestine transaction is done with an existing connection to the dealer.


In Bath Salts Drug Info, the ways to buy bath salts onlineare divulged while experiences of deceived buyers are also recollected. It also tries to list down all available sources and sellers of this illegal drug to stir authorities and enable people to avoid them. For a fun and educational interaction among members and users, the blog also dedicates a forum page to allow continuous exchange of awareness and information.


The blog warns the public not to buy bath saltsbecause of the dangerous side effects that include short-term mental degradation, horniness, irritation, mood swings, and agitation, and on more extreme cases, unconsciousness and paranoia. The effects of bath salts are the same with well-known illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.