Bellisima Releases Latest Line for Stylish Baby Travel

posted on 01 Aug 2013 12:21 by narjeet in traval

Moms and dads need not put fashion aside when the sweet angel of their lives tags along for travel with Bellisima’s baby boutique. Fashion sense runs through your veins and Bellisima is intuitive about your needs. When the trendy-clad couple expands into a trio of love, style and fashion can not be far behind. Introducing the arrival of Bellisima’s latest line of baby apparel and accessories!


That Indispensable Bag for All of Baby’s Stuff


Every so often, baby needs to make that trip for a short visit to granny or a routine check-up with her pediatrician. Sometimes, however, travel had to be longer and farther from home. Ironically, any time baby makes that trip, caring parents tend to obsessively pack in a lot of baby stuff. Early customer reviews are therefore just simply ecstatic about the coolest baby bag from Bellisima’s baby boutique. Now, mom can throw everything in but the kitchen sink in the modern baby bag and never worry a thing about a mismatch with her chic get-up.  


Because Baby Can’t Do Without It


The great news is, even dads who practically need to carry all of those bags are comfortably at ease sporting baby’s fashionable diaper bag under his shoulders. It sure does not look like one anyway! Everyone knows that the cutest baby in the world can not do without diapers. But the thing is, the old-school bag for diapers doesn’t even have to be opened to know what’s inside. In the new baby line introduced by web fashion sensation Bellisima, dads and moms alike certainly welcome baby’s diaper bag as part of their own hip garb.


Baby’s Got Even More


If you know what it is to live up to your own mode of “fashionality”, baby does not have to be left behind. Baby’s got even more up-to-the-minute goodies from Bellisima’s baby boutique. Don’t be the last to know. Go check it out before your next fun trip with your adorable baby love. 

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