The website Ireland on Video brings not just the fabled gold at the rainbow’s end but also the majestic splendor of Ireland’s scenic spots in more captivating videos. The allure of Ireland’s natural attractions comes alive from static images to breath-taking sights like the Carruantoohill and the Mourne Mountains. The website leveled-up ahead of its league as it harnessed the power of digital technology to inspire more tourists in discovering the promise of a great holiday getaway.


Fantastic Trek but Light on Your Cheque


Nowhere in Europe can tourists experience cheap holidays budget-wise, and rich unforgettable fun experience-wise. Whether you are trekking solo or bringing along the whole bunch, there are countless options to make every moment of your vacation something to treasure for a lifetime. Depending on your idea of a cool vacation, Ireland’s rich cultural heritage immerses its foreign and local tourists to well-organized festivals and anything-goes fairs and merriment which can only be savored the Irish way.


Manage your Sked with a Tour Package


There are also package holidays which can take you and other tourists with similar interests in an itinerary-based trip around the area. Some travel offices even offer themed package holidays exploring Ireland through:


  • Boats trip on the Dingle and Donegal bays via the Waterbus;
  • Diverse wildlife;
  • Grandiose tombs and other prehistoric sites ante-dating Egypt’s pyramid’s and England’s Stonehenge;
  • Island hopping and dining at Michelin-starred restaurants with the most delectable seafoods;
  • Magical islands;
  • Magnificent creepy castles;
  • Marvelous natural attractions;
  • Sandy cool beaches with Blue Flag status; or the
  • Traditional coach holidays, coaster or bus tour of the country, etc.


The Emerald Isles, as it is known the world over, is accessible to travelers by various modes. Most travelers prefer to ride on ferries to Ireland, whereas others come in via flights to Dublin. The online travel guide has every reason to tap videos in promoting Irish tourism. Film-induced tourism is now heavily relied upon to rev-up flagging regional and rural communities, as well as drive tourism to urban centers.


For a richly-endowed facet of European geography, Ireland is a haven to all tourists in general. People who have the passion to nourish the eye, reflect on history and the arts, and flex muscles for the ultimate adventure in paradise will only regret they can’t stay longer. Go check out the videos!

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