A leading supplier of legal and high quality custom number plates, Premier Number Plates rids of the free postage offer as of April 2013. This is due to the recent price increase applied by Royal Mail classifying the number plates under Medium Parcel. As a result, the cost of postage has doubled. As a replacement, Premier Number Plates offers 40 percent share on postage cost plus a free fitting kit.

Topnotch Products and Excellent Service at the Lowest Cost

The company prides itself in providing topnotch quality number plates made from the highest grade of materials using the latest laser techniques. On top of that, the company has also been offering Free Postage on customer orders. Unfortunately, because of the significant increase doubling the cost, Premier Number Plates can no longer afford to cover the postage expense. But the good news is the company offers to contribute 40 percent from the cost of postage and provide customers with a giveaway fitting kit as well. 

Premier Number Plates boasts of offering the lowest price plates in the market. This is in line with the company's commitment to provide customer satisfaction. The company has been serving for nine years and proven unwarranted reputation among number plate makers. And to make their excellent service and topnotch products more accessible, the company had been shouldering postage costs in behalf of their customers.

However as of April 2013, Premier Number Plates no longer offers free postage. When Royal Mail categorized the number plates as medium parcel, it doubled the postage cost. While customers can no longer count on the free postage offer, the company does not stop offering value for money. Premier Number Plates makes up by offering to cover 40 percent on postage and provide free fitting kit on all orders as well which is still a sweet deal for customers looking for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency registered supplier of legal number plates in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.