Founded in March 2009, Quantum SEO Labs is a Canadian based search marketing agency. The company is owned and headed by Yasir Khan. Mr. Khan's company has proven marketing tactics work and can stand the test of time. With more than a thousand clients from over 14 countries across the globe, this online marketing company has helped with many business successes. Quantum SEO Labs even claims to boost business net income 5 to 10 times with their proven methods.

What Difference Does Quantum SEO Labs Make?

In the midst of major changes and continuous update in search engine algorithms, the online community has witnessed thousands of websites burn to ashes because of penalties. Such resulted to income and investment losses. But the same cannot be said for Yasir Khan's clients who have maintained a strong ground for their respective websites. Mr. Khan claims it is all about implementing the SEO fundamentals.

Experience is one of the things that this company boats of. With 10 years and counting in the online marketing business, Quantum SEO Labs has made a name for itself. The company has taken over servicing various clients from different niches. Such makes Yasir Khan and the rest of his team confident about their knowledge and deeper understanding of the industry.

More than experience, Mr. Khan also employs link building methods which he claims to be one of the most organic ways of building website links. This method can help recover websites that have been tanked during the aftermath of the rather disastrous updates in Google last year.

Other cheap SEO services cannot afford to provide customized solutions. Continuous and constant client contact may be something that cheap SEO packages cannot sustain. But Quantum SEO Labs promises to do all these things in behalf of their client's business. It is about partnership and that is how Yasir Khan promises to boost a business to success.

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