PDS Sports Reveals Secrets Behind the Best Sports Picks

posted on 29 Jul 2013 18:04 by narjeet in sport

A handicapping software tool developer, PDS Sports has dedicated 30 years developing sports betting systems and football predictions. The company promises to help sports fans and wagers make better bets based on reliable football tips. And such secret to the best sports picks can be discovered via the PDS software.

How PDS Sports Started

PDS Sports was established in 1982 by the developer Roger Mott. Since the company's founding 30 years ago, it has continued to analyze various sports and games including Pro Hockey, Pro Football, Pro Basketball, Pro Baseball, College Basketball and College Football. The company has continued to utilize and apply improvements on PDS software based on thorough analysis.

To make the best sports selections, PDS Sports encourages a consideration of both the Raw Historical Team Statistics and the Team's Strength of Schedule. This way, an objective analysis and evaluation is arrived at. The founder Roger Mott came up with a complex Handicapping Algorithm which PDS Sports continues to utilize today, adjusting the software systems in every season to completely represent team strength.

Rather than merely relying on luck, successful sports betting should be based on credible science. And such success is made possible with a proper handicapping software tool backed by a reliable sports betting system which PDS Sports have been working on for years with continuous improvements along the way.

The efficiency or inefficiency of a certain sporting event line can be difficult to determine. A functional and competitive betting tool is a must. This is the main objective of PDS Sports. That is to create a full functional Software Handicapping Tool that hobbyists and professional game betters can rely on. Such tool is the secret behind the best sports pick and a rewarding one at that. More information is available from PDS Sports football tipster website.