Dental Art Tijuana Makes You Smile for 70% Less

posted on 27 Jul 2013 18:55 by narjeet in home

A Mexican dental clinic, Tijuana Dental Art Center offers to make their clients smile with 70 percent less the expense of treatments obtained from a US based dental clinic. Dentistry can be quite expensive, especially in the US. Fortunately, affordable dental care is available in Tijuana.

How Much Affordable Can Dentistry in Tijuana Get?

Tijuana Dental Art Center offers more than just affordable dental implants. This Tijuana clinic can provide a wide range of dental services from root canals to veneers, crowns and bridges. Bone grafts, crown lengthening and extractions are also conducted by Tijuana dentists. Both partial and full dentures are also offered. All these services are provided for a fraction of the usual US based clinic price.

For instance, the cost of crown lengthening in the US is around $435. Patients can get the same quality service for 70 percent less in Tijuana and pay for only $130 for the service. Typically, a surgical extraction would amount to $285 in the US while it can be done for only $120 in a Tijuana dental clinic.

Placement of dental implants in Tijuana is around $780. The same service can be obtained in the US for much more at $2100. A premium denture with porcelain teeth cost anywhere around $2600. AT Tijuana, it will only cost $650. All porcelain E. Max crowns and E. Max veneers would amount to $1150 separately in a US dental clinic while patients will only have to pay $385 when the procedure is done in a Tijuana dental clinic.

A simple cleaning and whitening treatment costs $565 to do in the US but in Tijuana, it only amounts to $175. Patients can save $130 from exam and evaluation alone as such is conducted with no charge in Tijuana Dental Art Center.

In addition to cheap dental implants, patients can be assured of professional and quality care at Tijuana Dental Art Center with the board certified and well trained dentists. What this clinic genuinely offers is quality with up to 70 percent cut on costs.


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