American Movers Inc. Celebrates 97 Years of Moving Forward

posted on 27 Jul 2013 13:21 by narjeet in home

First established in 1916, American Movers Inc. is one of the longest standing professional movers around. This year, the company celebrates its 97th year of providing house moving services in the New York and New Jersey area. With the standout and customer trusted service, reliable and extensive experience, and excellent moving facilities, the company is confident that they will be in for business for several decades more.

Why Movers Prefer American Movers Inc

The American Movers Inc. has survived two world wars and four recessions. Through these tough times, the NY and NJ moving market have proven the reliability of the company. There are several moving companies NYC but the American Movers' practical and inexpensive moving solutions remain to be the most trusted in the entire tri state area. The long standing and unwarranted reputation of this company is an absolute plus.

Rather than providing standard solutions, the company offers customized services, carefully noting each of their client's specific requirements. It is a special policy that the company has been implementing for more than nine decades.

The wide range of services is another great reason customers trust this company. Whether the moving requirement involves local or national moves, American Movers Inc. is sure to handle the project professionally. The company also caters to international moves whether it is for a commercial or residential client. Vehicle and exhibit moving is also managed well.

97 Years and Counting

The company's facilities and equipment are well maintained and kept up to date in an effort to ensure the safe and secure transport of the client's residential or commercial properties. The competitive rates and the excellent service from the well trained staff are among the factors that keep this company moving forward. And American Movers Inc. hopes to spend more years servicing the clients in the NY and NJ moving market.

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