Lake Mary, Florida is one of the country's most favorite small towns. Lake Mary Real Estate has gained tremendous popularity since it has been ranked by CNN Money as the 4th best place to live in the country's southern area. In fact, such encouraged more than 15,000 individuals to settle here. And with a population of growth at 21.23 percent, the demand for homes for sale in Lake Mary FL continues to rise.

A Bright Future for Lake Mary FL Real Estate

Today, Lake Mary is known as the "Little Silicon Valley." The high tech industry found home in this city. In addition, the city also has high performing schools. In the middle of the developments, Lake Mary homes for sale have not lost focus on a sense of community which is part of its charm. It is a place where people can live peacefully and work in a safe, friendly and pleasant environment making it worthy to be named one of the best places to dwell in.

The Rise of Lake Mary

In the 19th century, Lake Mary was just a small village growing citrus produce. It was officially incorporated in 1973. And this is also when the community began to grow, thanks to the Disney enterprise development.

With the International Parkway being built and the AT&T headquarters transfer in Lake Mary marked the eventual rise of the city. In the early 90s, the town like other communities on Central Florida, was transformed from a bedroom community to an economic and residential development center. Today, the city is home to high tech companies and other major employers including Chase, Mitsubishi and Siemens.

The city has got plenty of room for development. In fact, building a corporate district is underway. This, along with the new distribution centers and office parks, are enough to attract more businesses and firms.


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